I am mega stressed right now. Christmas has come around so fast, what with moving house and everything else going on in my life right now it's fair to say I hadn't given it a second thought. My tree is demolished..literally. I should have just decorated the top half because the kids have messed up every decoration they can reach. The boys have hardly anything bought so far.. Oscar's not too bad, he's only 10 months so he isn't really aware of how many gifts he'll get. Ontop of presents, I still have the food to buy. I've bought snacks so far that's about it, I still have to buy the turkey. Normally we eat at my partners parents or round my sisters for Christmas dinner, this is our first year in our new home just us and the kids.
The temperature last night was -10 ! Charlie's school was closed yesterday and today due to the weather, I'm hoping it's closed tomorrow also so I don't fall straight on my ass doing the school run. Roll on next week when he finishes for Christmas. This year started off great with Oscar being born, then finished with my grandpa passing away, hence why I just want it all to be over and 2018 to begin.